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The Manufacturer - Rotowash GmbH. 

In the international market place, ROTOWASH since 1971 assumed an independent outsider role with its avant-garde technology. The brand has become a generic term that testifies to its notoriety. Its performance, quality and longevity have been proven in all demanding areas of cleanliness and hygiene.



Rotowash; 'Delivering you unparalleled Productivity'

It all began over 65 years ago, when Mr. Karl Fink (1907-1996) founded a die-casting company in Leibnitz, Austria,  producing quality parts for a broad range of industries.  From humble beginnings, to the first floor cleaning machines to be sold in 1971.  Rotowash has grown into a globally recognized brand that has built a reputation for;  

                                                   Quality - Performance - Reliability


 Rotowash floor cleaning machines are designed and made at our state of the art facilities in Austria, using materials and components that are of the highest quality.
The management and production systems we employ undergo frequent audits by the British Standards Institute (BSI -ISO 9001)

Further, Rotowash products are regularly audited and approved by OVE Austria and BSI, and conform to the highest standards of design, quality and safety set by CE - Conformity European.

We place Quality, Safety, Ergonomics and Eco-awareness at the very heart of all our design principles, and in this way you can be assured that Rotowash benchmarks the Best Practices throughout our manufacturing, warehousing and logistical operations.    

Rotowash Global Standards.jpg
Rotowash Global Standards.jpg
Rotowash Global Standards.jpg



45 years of policy that promotes responsible and sustainable purchasing with competitive solutions to meet economic, social and environmental constraints.

Work rates and conditions, water and energy savings, restrictions on the use of chemicals and effluent discharges are all arguments in favor of the generalization of ROTOWASH. The cleanliness simultaneously values ​​the quality of life at work and the attractiveness of the premises for clients, patients, visitors, administrators.

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