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One Machine to Clean all Floor types

All Rotowash machines use up to 90% less water and cleaning chemicals than other conventional cleaning methods, which means large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying.


Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size, less weight to move and ease of use for operators.

A Rotowash is as quick and easy to use, with professional results every time.










Rotowash: It's not what it does, but HOW it does it;  that makes it so effective and easy to use.


Carpets - Restoration & Maintenance

Cleaning carpets in domestic or commercial application can be made difficult by the incorrect choice of equipment.

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Poor results and OH&S issue are common such as Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) which affect the body's muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves.

We also see increased operating costs due to over use of chemicals to compensate for poor equipment performance and design. This is the start of a cycle where chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibres, and as those chemical dry and become tacky they attract dirt even quicker. Stains often quickly re-appear and the carpets need to be cleaned sooner, and so the cycle continues.


Due to our unique original design twin contra-rotating brush system, the contra rotation of our brushes actually combs, lifts and opens your flattened / crushed carpet pile in both directions at the same time. ( like running your fingers through your hair from back to front at the same time; only at 650rpm)



It is this unique twin contra rotating brush action which releases the trapped soiling from deep within the pile, which is left behind by other types of floor cleaners that fail to remove this deep dirt and dead pile which so often results in the bad odours you experience right after having your carpets cleaned.


Regular maintenance with a rotowash will restore your floor coverings and remove the trapped dirt and fibres, thus releasing the source of these bad odours. With a Rotowash Floor Scrubber/Washer/Dryer you will see the carpet pile is lifted and restored through our clever cleaning method.


Cleaning Carpets with a Rotowash Floor cleaner is as simple and quick as using an up-right vacuum cleaner: Fill the clean water tank with hot or cold water and start the machine, press the button to dispensing liquid evenly and just glide the rotowash cleaning brushes over the carpet for results that are sure to impress.

  •  Fill the Tank with hot water

  •  Switch the machine on.

  •  Lower the operating handle and press the button to dispense the liquid onto the carpets across the   full width of the brushes.

  •  Your Rotowash will glide with ease over the carpet for a professional and instant Scrub, Wash and   Dry.

hard floors

Rotowash floor scrubber is ideal for cleaning all types of hard floors. Our unique orginal designed brush system adapts to the contours and profiles of each floors, and can moved from hard floors to carpets without the need for stopping.

No longer does cleaning tiled floors, stone or concrete have to be a painstaking, back breaking job for poor results. Such outcomes commonly result from operators simply using the wrong equipment.

How often do we see cleaners attempting

to clean floor tiles with a mop & bucket,

where experience has taught us that after

a while with mopping; we see a residual

film of dirt and fat and chemical build up

on these sufraces, as the mopping just

spread the dirt around.

This leaves your tiles looking dull and the

grout lines filthy.

Cleaning hard surfaces with a Rotowash Floor cleaner is quick and easy. Once the surfaces have been restored they are easy to maintain with just water.






Rotowash has been working globally with

Flotex distributors for over 20 years. Flotex  

has approximately 10 times more fibres per

square metre than carpet; 70 million fibres

per square metre. Flotex fibres and backing

are impervious (not allowing fluid to pass

through the backing over into the fibres),

waterproof, rot proof, crush proof and a

high wear resistance which is why it is so

popular in commercial facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, schools, sporting area's and


Cleaning and Maintaining Flotex Carpets

Be aware that normal vacuum cleaners will not operate effectively on Flotex as they are not able to create sufficiently airflow through the flotex fibres because of the density of fibers and the sealed water proof backing. For regular everyday cleaning with a vacuum cleaner its recommended that a motorised brush head type be used.

No fuss, no mess; To scrub, wash & dry a Flotex carpet with a Rotowash is quick and easy. - If you clean regularly with a rotowash most stains and soling can just be removed with plain water and aggitation. This is because of of our uniquely designed twin contra rotating brush action and waste fluid collection without the need of a vacuum motor and suction.

Restoring Dirty Flotex with a rotowash is easy, experience has shown us that left over detergent residue in the Flotex fibres is the biggest cause of dirty or dull looking Flotex floor coverings. This is because the detergent residue that gets left behind by ineffective cleaning equipment dries on the fibres and becomes sticky, which then starts a bad cycle; that attracts soiling quicker, and so the carpets get dirty quicker, and need to be cleaned sooner...... so cleaners over compensate by using increasing the amount of detergents and the problem gets worse.

The quick and easy way to see if there is

detergent build in in your Flotex floor

coverings is to carry out a simple 'Suds Test'

by pouring a glass of water onto stains or s

oiled area's and scrub with a hard bristle

hand brush. Scrap the suds to one side to

reveal bright clean carpet. If foamy suds

appear then we recommend that you

contact us for a solution.






Regupol has been supplying the sporting,

education, retail, commercial and construction

industry with the Regupol® recycled rubber

flooring and acoustic underlay for many years.

But some of the profiles of this type of rubber

surface are not easy to mop and you can see

at times dirt and water getting trapped on the

uneven surfaces.

A Rotowash is the ideal machine for restoring and maintaining the

presentation of these quality floor coverings.





Escalator & Travelator


The rotowash specialist machine model R45BEscalator & R60B Escalator achieve a high quality deep clean on escalator treads and travelators.

In one pass the R45B & R60B Escalator scrubs, washes, and collects the dirt, retrieves the water immediately, and dries. The R45Esc & R60Esc have all the features of the R45B and R60B, and by using a special brush with stepped bristles, these machines may be adapted for all travelator-cleaning applications as well. This product is

ideal for the many miles of escalator/travelators

(moving walkways) that are used in airports and

supermarkets around the world.

A typical escalator can be quickly and easily

cleaned in a matter 15 - 20 minutes. The operator

simply stands with ease holding the machine in

position with the escalator/travelator moving

towards the machine . The washing and scrubbing

action of our twin contra rotating brushes, with

600,000 bristles, rotating at 650 rpm dislodges

the dirt and removes it efficiently, leaving the

walkway clean and dry almost immediately.


Please also note that our product is specifically designed not to damage the aluminium treads or present any safety hazard to electrical component. 

Rotowash Travelator Cleaning


Our training programme is designed to ensure that you will gain the maximum benefit from using your Rotowash R60 series machine.


Additionally, in a matter of seconds the

R45Besc & R60Besc can be switched to

standard floor cleaning mode. Thats the

beauty of our design, one machine to clean

all surfaces; even escalators and travelator. 


Now thats real efficiency.





A rotowash is perfect for reaching deep into the profiled uneven surfaces of anti-slip flooring and entrance matting.











Anti-slip surfaces are now common place in most commercial and public area's to reduce slips and falls. But this can be a big problem for cleaners due to the wrong type of equipment being provided. 


It's very important to always remember that these are safety floors, and if not cleaned correctly then the build up of soiling overtime can contribute to slips and falls.











Effective of the Cleaning these types of safety surfaces with a rotowash floor cleaner is quick and easy. NO fuss - No mess. Our twin contra-rotating brushes with over 600,000 bristles will extract the dirt and ensure that your cleaned floors maintain maximum traction.

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Why choose us?

  • European quality products from Austria

  • Locally owned & operated

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