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Our Partners:

Contract Cleaners

Rotowash understands that your business needs the ability to deliver efficient, effective, high quality results to your clients. With outstanding maneuverability all floors can be simultaneously scrubbed, rinsed and dried in a single pass. Our compact machine sizes make them it easy to transport which has always made it popular with cleaning contractors.

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Hospital & Aged Care Facilities

Arrange a FREE demonstration to see how Rotowash can help maintain the hygiene standard in your health care facility.

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Hotels & Motels

First impressions are vital. Request a demo and see why Rotowash can clean all floor types from your suites to your kitchens. Rotowash’s unique design lifts your carpet pile and removes trapped soiling that creates those bad odours.

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Airports are high traffic and constantly being soiled. Rotowash can provide a unique cleaning solution for all floor surfaces and Travelators.

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Escalators & Travelators

Fast, simple, safe and highly effective; see the results for yourself with a FREE demo at your site now. Easy to use for men or women.

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Retail & Shopping Centres

For clean presentation in high traffic shopping centres, car showrooms, workshop service centres, offices building; think fast, efficient, easy to use Rotowash.

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Sports & Gymnasium

Blood, sweat and tears. A clean and healthy environment is all important with such high traffic and constant soiling area’s.

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Entertainment & Public Venues

For stadiums, exhibition areas, pubs, clubs, and function centres it’s vital to provide clean, well presented areas.

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Hospitality & Catering Venues

First class appearance and hygiene are vital to success in these industries.

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In & Around The Home

Inside & Out – Carpets, tiles, stone floors, concrete and patios, wooden decking, drive ways and garages, swimming pool area’s. A Rotowash provides effortless cleaning and as easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner.

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Education Facilities

Cleanliness, health and cleaning-speed are your school or university’s top priorities, our machines will help you achieve these goals.

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Manufacturing & Food Processing

These industries are scrutinised for regulatory compliance requiring the highest hygienic standards. Rotowash provides an efficient and highly effective solution to maintaining the standards required.

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Why choose us?

  • European quality products from Austria

  • Locally owned & operated

  • On site demonstrations with no obligation

  • Friendly service & expert advice


Get your business’s carpets spotless


While some of our cleaning machines are suitable for domestic environments, most of them are angled towards larger scale commercial settings. Having a reliable commercial hard floor and carpet cleaning machine for the workplace is absolutely essential, as these expansive spaces would otherwise take hours and hours to deep clean effectively.

And if you need to clean on a daily basis, then this can be a huge drain on time and resources. Some of our previous clients have come from a range of commercial backgrounds, and found our Rotowash products to be highly efficient and productive.

Hospital and medical facilities can save time and money with our commercial carpet cleaning machines. Of course, these facilities need to maintain an impeccable hygiene standard at all times, and so it is only natural that regular disinfecting and cleaning is an essential part of the daily routine. The twin contra-rotating brushes of the Rotowash models allows for a more effective scrub that will remove the most stubborn marks. Rotowash machines are capable of dealing with both spot cleans and the big cleaning jobs, making them perfect for hospitals, clinics and aged care facilities.

Take the hard work out of cleaning with effective commercial carpet cleaning machines


Hotels simply must have a reliable industrial carpet cleaning machine range. Appearances and first impressions are everything with picky customers. Make a great impression and allow the service and rooms to do the rest. Hotel lobbies don’t just have to deal with dirty shoes, but also luggage that has been dragged through water, mud and leaves. Having a spot cleaning machine that can be whipped out to eliminate these marks is a wise choice. Many contract cleaners choose to purchase our products for their long term use. Because Rotowash machines can glide easily from carpet to hard floors or just about any surface you can imagine, it means they can be used for a broad range of clients. Rotowash carpet cleaning machines could clean an entire office building in no time at all.

Safety and appearances are key in commercial environments


Education facilities also stand to benefit from our impressive floor cleaners. Schools, kindergartens and universities typically have a number of floor surfaces on site, from durable carpet to linoleum, concrete and brick. Maintaining high safety standards at these institutions is a top priority. These machines will also ensure food hygiene in cafeteria areas, and personal hygiene in bathrooms and sports facilities. Sporting venues will require a regular clean, and failing to do so could result in serious injury, or simply not being able to train and perform effectively.


Shopping centres can also be strong candidates, and are more suited to the high end models for their fast performance. The R60B is the premium choice, and has the added benefit of being able to switch into a specialised escalator cleaner in a matter of seconds. Keeping up appearances of a sparkling clean floor are essential to get customers in the door.

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