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Are the Rotowash Floor Cleaning Machines easy to operate?

Yes, the Rotowash is as quick and easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner. Effortlessly guide it in the direction you want to clean and let the machine do the work. Professional Results.


How wet does it leave the floors?

Using 90% less water than conventional cleaning methods, your Rotowash will scrubs, washes, rinses and dries all in the same action. Hard floors are left dry enough to walk on almost immediately and carpets well within half an hour.


Is there any risk of damage to floors?

Rotowash simply scrubs and grooms all floor types without damaging the surface or grouting.  With up to 600,000 contra rotating brush bristles cleaning the surface, Rotowash delivers exceptional efficiency and cleaning power, with soft, medium or hard brushes reaching deep into the irregularities of all types of floor surfaces to remove the dirt from your business or home. 

Rotowash; amazing results from Tiles to Carpets and so much more.


Are the floors slippery after cleaning?

The twin contra rotating brush action of the Rotowash floor cleaning machine effectively, not only removes the removes the dirt; but equally important any chemical residual used during the cleaning process. This is important because most conventional cleaning methods leave behind chemical residue on floor surfaces, attracting the dirt quicker. You can see this effect sometimes when the residual water left on the floors dries through evaporation, leaving behind the chemical residue, which will not evaporate. Hence we see smudge mark across cleaned floors when they are dry.  You cannot see this occur on carpets as it is absorbed into the carpet fibres during drying, but it results in a large build up of chemical in your carpets over time. These chemicals are harmful to carpet fibres, the carpet life and the rooms environment. The more chemical left in carpets, the quicker the dirt returns, the more the cleaning cycle has to occur to keep them clean, using more chemicals and water. ​


Have you ever walked into a hotel room and smelt that stinky musky, damp odour. That is dirt trapped deep in the fibres of carpet; resulting from incorrect cleaning methods and equipment.


'Rotowash easily removed this trapped chemical using only water'

Note at the end of the video how much chemical was removed from that single strip, no chemical was added by rotowash during this demonstration. The chemical you see poured into the cup was trapped in that carpet for years.


We work closely with major international flooring manufacturers and are recommended by them.


Do I need a range of brushes for my various floors?

Each machine is supplied with the standard set of brush's 0.35mm bristle thicknesss.  These brushes are usually ideal for all floor types including tiles, carpets, stone etc.   However a range of softer polishing through to the stiffer scrub brushes are available to ensure that Rotowash is suitable for all applications from homeowners right through to heavy duty commercial requirements.


How can Rotowash help in Hygiene Control management?

Rotowash offers colour coded brushes (Red, Green, Blue or Yellow) for specific use in various locations. This helps reduce the risk of cross contamination in hygiene critical situations. Additionally, Rotowash provides initial and ongoing operator training to ensure that correct cleaning and operational procedures are complied with, and that operators use the equipment in a safe and hygienic manner. Trained operators can also be certificated to assist organisations in achieving their accreditation requirements.


How does it work?

Rotowash’s the original twin contra rotating brush system – as each rotating Rotowash bristle leaves contact with the cleaning surface the dirt and waste water is instantly flicked internally onto the tough rotating pick-up drum, which deposits the grime into the waste tray, returning in the bristles being cleaned before coming into contact with the surface again. No residual splash onto surrounding areas, eliminating the need for secon


Where are they made?

Austria - Europe. For over 45 years Rotowash floor cleaning machines are designed and manufactured at our state of the art facilities, using material and components of the highest quality. The management and production systems we employ undergo frequent audits by the British Standards Institute (BSI-ISO 9001). Further, Rotowash products are regularly audited and approved by these leading organisations.






 We place Safety, Quality, Ergonomics and Eco-awareness at the very heart of all our design principles.


What do I do if I need service support, parts or consumables?

No problem our factory trained engineers will look after your needs directly either on site or at our workshop, see service and maintenance for more details


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